Thursday @ WWDC23

Day four is here — and a fresh round of sessions, labs, and activities await.

Get started with labs and sessions

Curious about the difference between the Shared Space and a Full Space in visionOS? Want to learn more about Observable? There’s a Q&A for that. Kick off another full day by chatting with engineers and designers about SwiftUI, Xcode, and all things spatial.

We’ve got incredible new sessions on Live Activities, Metal, spatial experiences, and more.

Design dynamic Live Activities

Live Activities allow your app to display live information in key system locations on iOS and iPadOS. Learn the best way to create graphically rich layouts that update seamlessly on the Lock Screen, in StandBy, and in the Dynamic Island. Incorporate interactivity and animation to help people stay…

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Optimize GPU renderers with Metal

Discover how to optimize your GPU renderer using the latest Metal features and best practices. We’ll show you how to use function specialization and parallel shader compilation to maintain responsive authoring workflows and the fastest rendering speeds, and help you tune your compute shaders for…

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Explore rendering for spatial computing

Find out how you can take control of RealityKit rendering to improve the look and feel of your apps and games on visionOS. Discover how you can customize lighting, add grounding shadows, and control tone mapping for your content. We’ll also go over best practices for two key treatments on the…

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Create a great spatial playback experience

Get ready to support video in your visionOS app! Take a tour of the frameworks and APIs that power video playback and learn how you can update your app to play 3D content. We’ll also share tips for customizing playback to create a more immersive watching experience.

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And there are even more exciting activities happening today, including an informal icebreaker and another fierce round of Dev Tools Trivia Time.

If you haven’t signed up for a one-on-one lab this week, time is running out! Today is your last day to request an appointment for Friday. To make a request, visit the WWDC tab in the Apple Developer app or go to the WWDC labs webpage. App Store labs are also available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Learn more about labs at WWDC23

Download the new Figma design kit

Now, by popular demand, you can download an all-new iOS and iPadOS design kit for Figma.

Apple Design Resources – iOS 17 and iPadOS 17

Discover documentation and sample code

Browse new and updated documentation and sample code to learn about the latest technologies, frameworks, and APIs introduced at WWDC23. You’ll find new ways to enhance your apps targeting the latest platform releases.

Apple Developer Documentation

Browse portraits of the 2023 Apple Design Award winners

We snapped some great portraits of our Apple Design Award-winning developers at Monday’s ceremony. Take a look at all 12 below, and then dive deeper into the stories of their apps through our Behind the Design series.

Behind the Design: 2023 Apple Design Awards

Meet 12 incredible teams from around the world and learn how they brought their winning ideas to life.

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Evan Kice, Afterplace

Luke Beard, Any Distance

Bob Meese, Duolingo

Philipp Nägelsbach, Endling

Ryan Jones, Flighty

Jeff Birkeland, Headspace


Luke Spierewka, Railbound

Tsuyoshi Kanda, Resident Evil Village

Jakob Lykkegaard, stitch.

Swupnil Sahai, SwingVision

Joseph Cohen, Universe

Have fun out there, and we’ll catch you tomorrow for the final day of WWDC!

Thursday @ WWDC23
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