Updated App Review Guidelines now available

The App Review Guidelines have been revised to support updated policies, upcoming features, and to provide clarification. The following guidelines have been updated: 3.1.1(a): Updated to include Music Streaming Services Entitlements. 4.7: Added games from retro game console emulator apps to the list of permitted software, and clarifies that mini apps and mini games must […]

Get ready with the latest beta releases

The beta versions of iOS 17.5, iPadOS 17.5, macOS 14.5, tvOS 17.5, visionOS 1.2, and watchOS 10.5 are now available. Get your apps ready by confirming they work as expected on these releases. And to take advantage of the advancements in the latest SDKs, make sure to build and test with Xcode 15.3. View downloads and release notes Learn about testing a […]

Knotwords: Gage and Schlesinger at the crossroads

Knotwords is a clever twist on crossword puzzles — so much so that one would expect creators Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger to be longtime crossword masters who set out to build themselves a new challenge. One would be totally wrong. “Crosswords never hit with me,” says Gage, with a laugh. “I dragged myself kicking […]

Hello Developer: April 2024

Welcome to Hello Developer — and the kickoff to WWDC season. In this edition: Discover what’s ahead at WWDC24 — and check out the new Apple Developer YouTube channel. Learn how the all-new Develop in Swift Tutorials can help jump-start a career in app development. Find out how Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger rebooted the […]

WWDC24: June 10-14

Join the worldwide developer community online for a week of technology and creativity. Be there for the unveiling of the latest Apple platforms, technologies, and tools. Learn how to create and elevate your apps and games. Engage with Apple designers and engineers and connect with the worldwide developer community. All online and at no cost. […]

Provide your trader status in App Store Connect

To align with the Digital Services Act (DSA) in the European Union (EU), Account Holders and Admins in the Apple Developer Program can now enter their trader status in App Store Connect. Submission requirements You’ll need to let us know whether or not you’re a trader to submit new apps to the App Store. If you’re a trader, […]

More options for apps distributed in the European Union

We’re providing more flexibility for developers who distribute apps in the European Union (EU), including introducing a new way to distribute apps directly from a developer’s website. More flexibility Developers who’ve agreed to the Alternative Terms Addendum for Apps in the EU have new options for their apps in the EU: Alternative app marketplaces. Marketplaces […]

Hello Developer: March 2024

Welcome to Hello Developer. In this edition: Find out what you can do at the Apple Developer Centers in Bengaluru, Cupertino, Shanghai, and Singapore. Learn how the team behind Finding Hannah created a hidden-object game with a meaningful message. Get security tips from the Mac notary service team. Catch up on the latest news and documentation. […]

Q&A with the Mac notary service team

Security is at the core of every Apple platform. The Mac notary service team is part of Apple Security Engineering and Architecture, and in this Q&A, they share their tips on app distribution and account security to help Mac developers have a positive experience — and protect their users. When should I submit my new […]

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