How to Decide Between iOS and Android Development

Whether you’re planning to build a mobile app for the iPhone or the Android platform, there are a few things you should know before you start. These include the costs, design styles, timelines, and vetting processes. iOS vs Android Whether to choose Android or iOS is a decision that requires careful consideration. There are many […]

Q&A: 10 Questions with Design Evangelism

For the inaugural edition of Ask Apple, members of our Design Evangelism team got together to answer your Slack questions about design philosophy, color guidelines, keyboard shortcuts, and much more. Here are a few highlights from that conversation, including guidance about the HIG, tips on reducing clutter, and a very important message about the tab […]

What is iOS App Development?

Whether you are just starting out in mobile app development, or are a veteran developer, you have probably asked yourself “What is iOS app development?” Whether you are an iOS developer, or someone who is planning on developing an app for the first time, this article has some useful information. Objectives of iOS app development […]

Top iOS App Development Company

When you are thinking of hiring an iOS app development company, you should do your research. Make inquiries and note the responses you receive. There are several reasons why you should choose a particular iOS app development company. Here are a few: They are the top in the US, have the best iPhone developers, and […]

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