Explore Live Activities and the Dynamic Island

Live Activities display your app’s most current data on the iPhone Lock Screen and in the Dynamic Island, helping people keep track of tasks and events that they care about. Discover how you can use ActivityKit to build compelling Live Activities for your apps, and explore the Human Interface Guidelines to learn how to design for the Dynamic Island and Lock Screen. We’ll show you how you can display up-to-date information — like progress, events, scores, or tasks — at a glance, and learn how you can update your Live Activities remotely using Apple Push Notification service (APNs).

To get the most out of these resources, we recommend some familiarity with SwiftUI and WidgetKit.


Human Interface Guidelines – Live Activities

Updating and ending your Live Activity with remote push notifications

Displaying live data with Live Activities


Ask Apple Q&As

Explore Live Activities and the Dynamic Island
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