App Store Award finalists announced

Every year, the App Store celebrates exceptional apps that improve people’s lives while showcasing the highest levels of technical innovation, user experience, design, and positive cultural impact. This year we’re proud to recognize nearly 40 outstanding finalists. Winners will be announced in the coming weeks. Learn about the finalists

Reimagine your enterprise apps on Apple Vision Pro

Discover the languages, tools, and frameworks you’ll need to build and test your apps in visionOS. Explore examples across productivity and collaboration, simulation and training, and guided work. Dive into workflows for creating or converting existing media, incorporating on-device and remote assets into your app, and more. Apple Vision Pro at work Keynote The Apple […]

PTC is uniting the makers

APPLE VISION PRO APPS FOR ENTERPRISE PTC’s CAD products have been at the forefront of the engineering industry for more than three decades. And the company’s AR/VR CTO, Stephen Prideaux-Ghee, has too. “I’ve been doing VR for 30 years, and I’ve never had this kind of experience before,” he says. “I almost get so blasé […]

Optimize your game for Apple platforms

In this series of videos, you can learn how to level up your pro app or game by harnessing the speed and power of Apple platforms. We’ll discover GPU advancements, explore new Metal profiling tools for M3 and A17 Pro, and share performance best practices for Metal shaders. Explore GPU advancements in M3 and A17 […]

JigSpace is in the driver’s seat

APPLE VISION PRO APPS FOR ENTERPRISE It’s one of the most memorable images from JigSpace’s early Apple Vision Pro explorations: A life-size Alfa Romeo C43 Formula 1 car, dark cherry red, built to scale, reflecting light from all around, and parked right in the room. The camera pans back over the car’s front wings; a […]

The “sweet, creative” world of Kimono Cats

Games simply don’t get much cuter than Kimono Cats, a casual cartoon adventure about two cats on a date (awww) that creator Greg Johnson made as a present for his wife. “I wanted to make a game she and I could play together,” says the Maui-based indie developer, “and I wanted it to be sweet, […]

Spotlight on: Apple Vision Pro apps for enterprise

Businesses of all kinds and sizes are exploring the possibilities of the infinite canvas of Apple Vision Pro — and realizing ideas that were never before possible. We caught up with two of those companies — JigSpace and PTC — to find out how they’re approaching the new world of visionOS. JigSpace is in the […]

Announcing the Swift Student Challenge 2024

Apple is proud to support and uplift the next generation of student developers, creators, and entrepreneurs. The Swift Student Challenge has given thousands of students the opportunity to showcase their creativity and coding capabilities through app playgrounds, and build real-world skills that they can take into their careers and beyond. From connecting their peers to […]

Over 30 new developer activities now available

Ready to level up your app or game? Join us around the world for a new set of developer labs, consultations, sessions, and workshops, hosted in person and online throughout November and December. You can explore: App Store activities: Learn about discovery, engagement, in-app events, custom product pages, subscription best practices, and much more. Apple […]

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